Cleanliness and hygiene, a few months ago was an uninteresting subject, until Prime Minister Narendra Modi made cleaning a national movement and gave it the due importance it deserved, said Jayaram Nair, Chairman of Virtual Info Systems Pvt Ltd, at the Press Conference held ahead of the 11th edition of Clean India Show being organised at Ahmedabad from November 27 to 29.

Clean India Shows have been hosted in various metro cities since 2005 and for the first time is being organised in Ahmedabad. “When we started interacting with industries and corporate houses in Gujarat, the concept of Clean India was immediately accepted and we thank the GCCI for the overwhelming support extended to spreading awareness of the Clean India Show,” he added.

Enumerating the need for such Shows in Gujarat, Rakesh Shah, President, Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industries, said, “There is a need for people to first change their attitude towards cleanliness. Spitting pan, throwing waste anywhere has to change. Wherever we go we expect a good hospitality which is possible only when the surrounding environment is clean and hospitable. This cannot be created by a single individual. When the awareness spreads to more and more people and the entire movement picks ups speed, the change will take place,” The seminars being organised during the Clean India Show will help in understanding the cleaning processes and technology.

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