Hand Care

Promoting a clean-hands environment is one of the simplest ways to prevent the spread of infection. Our range of soaps and sanitisers eliminates 99% of germs and provides added protection against cross-contamination.


Manual Soap Dispenser

Ecolabel approved fragrances, dye free formulation and Green Seal approval. Actively eliminates 99% of germs. Battery lasts for three years meaning less impact on the environment. Choice of foam soap

  • Standard
  • Anti-bacterial

Push rather than pull operation reduces the risk of the dispenser being pulled off the wall. New nozzle with every refill to prevent clogs and drips. One way valve to prevent cross-contamination. Hygienic dispenser with Polygiene® antimicrobial technology that kills microbes on contact. 800ml : 1,000 shots

Dimensions 800ml (mm): Height: 276 Width: 140 Depth: 148
Dimensions 400ml (mm): Height: 209 Width: 100 Depth: 133
Available Colours White, Black, Silver

AutoSoap Dispenser

The AutoSoap Dispenser is a touch free foaming gel wash system that delivers an exceptionally luxurious, hygienic hand washing experience and encourages more frequent and thorough hand washing.

  • Ecolabel approved fragrances, dye free formulation and Green Seal approval.
  • Provides more shots and creates 70% less packaging than box refills.
  • Actively eliminates 99% of washroom germs.
  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination and encourages healthy hand washing.
  • Touch-free operation – SmartSensor detects the user’s hands to automatically dispense a 0.4 ml dose of foam soap delivering cost savings every time.
  • 1,100 ml: 2,750 shots/500 ml : 1,250 shots

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