Infant Care

Baby-changing facilities are a washroom standard in public-facing business. Our infant care ranges offers convenience for parents and helps prevent unhygienic washrooms and cross-contamination..


Infant Changing Table


  • Specially shaped smooth table ends.
  • No exposed hinges.
  • Controlled lowering.
  • Tamper proof safety straps.
  • Meets the requirements of BS EN 12221-1:2008.


  • Sealed hinges
  • All in one 100% foam filled moulding – no seams, easily cleaned.
  • All materials are fully compliant with the BS EN 71 part 3 Toxicity regulations.
  • Additional Hand/Infant Changing Table Sanitiser, keeps the facilities clean and pleasant.

Nappy Disposal Unit

  • Full unit exchange service – fresh, clean unit replaced for used unit every time.
  • Exclusive Activap™ germicide – unit contains our unique, environmentally friendly germicide certified against Hep B + C and HIV to render waste harmless.
  • Unique and modern design.
  • A foam gasket is fixed around the lid to ensure that vapours are kept inside.
  • Integral foot pedal, ensuring a ‘no touch’ facility when depositing the waste into the unit.
  • Unit supplied with a tiger bag inside.
  • Braille instructions imbedded in the lid meaning – ‘Lift here to open’.
  • Option to lock the lid to the base for added security.
  • Identification labels stating what should and should not be deposited in the unit e.g. No Sharps.

Infant Changing Table (Horizontal)

  • Keep infant areas clean and hygienic.
  • Safe, secure. Comes with safety straps to secure the baby.
  • Easier cleaning – 100% foam moulded.
  • Folds flat. Can be installed in small washroom changing rooms
  • Use with baby seat sanitiser to wipe down surfaces and eradicate 99.9% of the most common bacteria.
Vertical Dimensions
Dimensions (mm): Height: 780 Width: 490 Depth: 184
Available Colours Available Colours
Horizontal Dimensions
Dimensions (mm): Height: 600 Width: 760 Depth: 184
Available Colours Speckled white/grey

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